For all early stage Founders I'm connected with, well worth considering joining Startup 2 Standup. Lots of benefits, but the star for me being the weekly 'clinic' calls where topics such as B Corp, SEO, how to pitch, funding challenges, trading with EU, having a subsidiary in India and much more are discussed. A great way for founders to get support in a friendly environment from fellow founders, exited entrepreneurs and domain experts.

Sam Simpson
Founders Catalyst

"Gary has been a vital asset to the Chasyr team as it undergoes a critical pivot. His business acumen and start-up founder insight has been instrumental in shaping the company and helping us realize our vision. He has become a staple of our team calls and he always has an angle to contribute that we might have missed. Consider yourself lucky if you're able to have Gary advising your team."

T Marquez CEO
Chief Executive officer and Founder Chasyr

“Gary is one of those people who you just enjoy being around. His enthusiasm for business and life is boundless, and it's contagious. He's also an ideas machine! Always at the forefront of innovation, he manages to be both groundbreaking and practical all at once which is a powerful combo.”

Dave Plunket
Co founder advantage benefits and partnership expert

“I always thought my business challenges were unique so when I first met Harry and Ollie years ago I was somewhat skeptical about whether they really would understand and be able to help. Right from the start, however, I was amazed: their invaluable support over the years as my business has grown and developed have helped me to reach new heights. Ollie's no-nonsense approach has helped me get straight to the core issues and deal with them, and Harry's wise and attentive support has helped me keep my eyes on the goal. Both Harry and Ollie care deeply about people. I highly recommend both of them and the excellent work they are doing through Start Up 2 Stand Up. If you're serious about growing your business, don't hesitate to speak to them."

Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Eco Director

‘We’ve been a part of the SU2SU community for the past 3 months and it’s been a great support for our start-up, Cru Communications. Running a business, especially when it’s your first, can be a really isolating experience, and it’s been so helpful to be able to call on a group of like-minded and hugely experienced people for advice. Ollie and Gary have also been helping us out with one-on-one coaching which has really helped to keep us on track and think about things differently, which we never would have done without SU2SU. With their help, we’re definitely starting to think more commercially, laying a really good financial groundwork for the business. It can be so easy to get stuck in the day-to-day, and Ollie, Gary and the rest of the team really help us to focus on the bigger picture of growth’.

Emma Hawley

“Harry and Ollie are that great combination of being careful and thoughtful listeners and experienced and successful entrepreneurs. Above all, they take delight in seeing businesses and people succeed. I have come to rely upon them as mentors and a source of clear, sound advice”

Terry Fuller
Chief Executive, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

“Having attended many business groups over the last 5 years, both online and offline I can say that SU2SU is one of the few that really delivers on its stated mission. Unlike others there is no fluff, it just business. The environment is one of mutual respect, plain speaking, challenging debate but with serious support for all concerned. I would recommend this group to investors and founders alike”

Bharat Sarollia

"I’ve just attended a talk about investment through the amazing group I am part of called Startup 2 Standup. So if you are looking for a supportive, knowledgable group to start (or continue) your entrepreneurial journey I can wholeheartedly recommend Startup 2 Standup."

Kelly Newton
Founder of BP3 Underwear

"Startup 2 Standup is everything that I need right now in an advisory group...my power team. SU2SU is invaluable to me as a solo founder. I thank Ollie, Gary & Gareth for creating and introducing me to such a strong diverse & community of other Founders, Exited Founders and Advisors who always provide fresh perspectives and help to steer my thinking."

Jonathan Heavens
Founder of Trustmix.io

“SU2SU is a great concept and provides much needed support and mentoring for start up founders. The discussions are always lively and everyone involved provides valuable contributions. Starting a new business can be a daunting process and SU2SU is a great forum for founders to ask for ideas or suggestions from people with many years of business experience”.

Paul Vousden
Corporate Counsel

My idea of hell is being involved with networking groups. What a refreshing change Startup 2 Standup is. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they’ve attracted and brought together a group of people from many different disciplines all with one common goal: to help each other. Chaired by Gareth – who is an eloquent, knowledgeable and affable chap – the conversations are wide ranging, always interesting and helpful. One of the things I like the most, if you have a problem, put it to the group. It gets discussed and you hear many perspectives for solutions. I’ve met some great people and have formed relationships with some outside of the group. For me, I feel grateful to of found this collective.

Paul Marchant
Founder Stroli

Every Wednesday morning, I make my cup of tea, go to my office and join a community of the most wonderful entrepreneurs for the weekly Startup2Standup session. And after every session, I've finished my tea and I know a little more about the vast and unknown start-up landscape we as entrepreneurs have ventured into. Open, honest and insightful dialogue. Everything is discussed and shared. Their agenda? To help founders make their start-ups successful. There is a wide range of people with different backgrounds and experiences and it's wonderful to take part! Startup2standup is run by very successful founders and investors who want to put something back. So, if you're in a position to join, I highly recommend you do, especially if this is your first start-up. Good luck! Kristien Wendt immerzion.one

Kristien Wendt